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USS Flagg: The Largest Playset Ever Produced For The G.I. Joe Toy Line

When USS Flagg was released in 1985 it instantly became the largest G.I. Joe playset ever produced. At just under eight feet long and three and a half feet wide it was gigantic, it almost needed it's own playroom to dock, The cost at the time of release was a hefty $109.99, in todays dollars that would be around $259.99.

G.I. Joe USS Flagg Playset

It was based on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier, but the ship was altered in the design process to accommodate action figure size. This led to some of it's proportions being off in order to be playable with other vehicles in the G.I. Joe line like planes and helicopters. If it had been built to actual scale it would have been over 65 feet long and 13 feet wide.


Is had some really cool features like an electronic sound system, which would broadcast a player's voice, a two-piece utility vehicle that is part "low tow" tractor, and part fuel delivery trailer. It also had radar, missile launchers, an "Admiral's Launch", an elevator deck, and an arrestor cable that fit snugly into the rear stabilizers of the Skystriker aircraft. On top of that it was bundled with the "Admiral Keel Haul" action figure.

Today it sells for a few hundred dollars for sets in extremely poor condition, to several thousands of dollars for ones still in its original unopened box.

Did you have a USS Flagg as a kid, tells us about it in the comment section. YO JOE !!!

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