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Kenner only produced one M.A.S.K. Playset back in the 80s, but the one they made was Pretty Cool !!!

M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) toy line was first launch by Kenner in 1985, along with an animated television series to help with merchandising. The toy line ran until 1988, releasing four official series through the years. Each series featured Action Figures & Vehicles with hidden transforming design features. They only produced one playset, but that transforming playset was Pretty Cool !!!

Boulder Hill:

Boulder Hill Playset debuted in 1985 and retailed for around $42.. It was a Service Station that was transformed into an Armed Bunker and back. It also included Alex Sector & Buddie Hawks action figures, plus a comic book & poster.

Alex Sector & Buddie Hawks:

The playset featured a bunker concealed as a service station. It had Gas Pumps that converted to freezing Cannons, with Diagnostic Vehicle Maintenance Cables too. A helicopter Pad along with it's Hidden Trap door.

Some of its other features were the Breakthrough Bunker Wall, Armored Pillbox with Swiveling Anti-Gravity Howitzer, Detention Cell and Computer Command Panel.

Not only that, it also had a cool advertising sign that flip-down revealing Holographic Stun Cannons and a Radar Screen.

Did you have the Boulder Hill Playset as a kid, let us know in the comment section what you like most about it? Just remember that "... Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon"

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