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The Origins Of The Rare Star Wars Blue Snaggletooth Action Figure

Updated: Jan 8

Released by Kenner in early 1978 as part of the Sears "Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set" as well as a Sears exclusive mail-in two-pack with Greedo, the blue Snaggletooth is one of the rarest Star Wars action figures.

The blue Snaggletooth figure was intended to represent the character Zutton, however Kenner designer's only visual reference at the time was a partial black and white photograph of the character. As a result the Blue Snaggletooth figure wore a blue uniform, had long legs, and wore boots and gloves.

When Star Wars hit the big screen in 1977, Kenner’s producers saw to their horror that Snaggletooth was short at 3ft tall and wore a red suit. Kenner quickly scrapped the blue-suited Snaggletooth and replaced him with the shorter and stouter red figure with bare feet and hands, but not before thousands of kids owned the inaccurate blue Snaggletooth.

In 1979 the corrected red version of Snaggletooth was released, both in the Sears Cantina Adventure Set and as a carded figure. The blue Snaggletooth was thus consigned to a special place in Star Wars action figure history.

Did you have the rare blue Snaggletooth as a kid ? Lets us know in the comments section.

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