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Some Of The Coolest Toys From "The Six Million Dollar Man" Toy Line.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

In 1975 Kenner signed on for the rights to produce the Six Million Dollar Man toy line. What Kenner didn't know was it was about to become one of the most popular action figure lines of all time. After seeing the initial success of the basic action figures, Kenner released numerous playsets and accessories to compliment the line. Here are some of our top picks.

1. Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure:

The Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure was released in three different versions. The first version came with an engine block and a left arm that could not be removed. The second version had an engine block as well, but with a removable left arm. The third version featured a bionic grip and a simulated steel beam for him to lift. The arm would lift items when a lever on the back was pushed. All three versions featured many interactive items, including a bionic eye the user could actually look through, and roll-back skin that would display interchangeable bionic elements.

2. Maskatron Action Figure:

Maskatron was one of the many Six Million Dollar Man action figures manufactured by Kenner. The action figure came equipped with three masks allowing the robot character to be disguised as Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman or an unidentified male. Maskatron also had two special arms, vice grip and super suction which made him an invincible foe to Steve Austin. A cool feature with the action figure was the use of pressure points, which when hit caused Maskatron's arms, legs and even his head to fly off.

3. Bionic Bigfoot Action Figure:

The Bionic Bigfoot action figure came out in 1977 based upon the recurring TV show character Bigfoot. The figured included a pressure switch on his chest that when pressed, caused a square compartment on the front of the figure to open revealing bionic-style circuitry inside, in keeping with the character's android nature on the TV show.

4. Bionic Transport & Repair Station Playset:

The Bionic Transport and Repair Station was the best known playset issued as part The Six Million Dollar Man toy line. It was issued at the same time as the Steve Austin action figure to launch the line. The playset consisted of two different forms. When closed down it resembled a rocket ship, within which the Austin action figure could be placed, his head visible through a window. When opened, the rocket ship transforms into a bionic repair facility, with tubes that could be plugged into the bionic modules contained within the Austin action figure. Among the features of the repair station were a microscope for bionic surgery, X-Ray unit that had several glow-in-the-dark dials, readout console and a revitalization chamber.

Did you have any of the Six Million Dollar Man toys? Let us know in the comment section.

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