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Some Of The Coolest Playsets Of The 1970s & 80s

The 1970s & 80s produced some of the coolest playsets, lets take a trip down memory lane.


Castle Grayskull was introduced by Mattel in 1982 for their Masters of the Universe toy line. The playset was designed to open for play and close for storage. A large skull decorated the front, with a hinged "Jawbridge" allowing access to the interior. The interior had a throne room, elevator, and a trap door.


The Death Star Play Station was introduced by Kenner in 1978 for their Star Wars toy line. It had a manual elevator that took figures to any of its four floors. The top floor featured a laser cannon; the third floor had a retractable bridge, and the second floor had control consoles and an escape hatch that led to a working trash compactor on the bottom floor.


Boulder Hill playset was introduced by Kenner in 1985 for their M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) toy line. It was a functional gas station, complete with gas pumps and a service station that could transform into a fortress and defend itself.


Fire House Headquarters playset was introduced by Kenner in 1986 for their The Real Ghostbusters toy line. It featured a parking space for the Ecto-1 (sold separately), a ghost containment unit, a working fire pole, plus a "goop grate" on the roof for sliming your team with Ecto-Plazm.


Electronic Cats Lair playset was introduced by Ljn Toys in 1986 for their Thundercats toy line. It featured a pivoting cat head that fired and received laser light beams, Laser-activated counter that registered hits and sounded a “piercing” alarm and huge cat paws that lifted to reveal “Ion Beam” cannons and a secret battle station.


The Sewer Playset was introduced by Playmates in 1989 for their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line. It was a double- decker hangout and hideaway for the turtles. Featuring a high-voltage battle swing, a real working elevator and realistic sewer pipe passageways.


The Headquarters Command Center Playset was introduced by Hasbro in 1983 for their G.I. Joe toy line. It featured a heavy equipment supply depot with mechanic's lift, a command console with swiveling seats, and a stockade to contain enemy Cobra militants, along with a Helipad.


The Hall of Justice Playset was introduced by Kenner in 1984 for their Super Powers Collection toy line. It featured jail cells with trap doors, a working elevator and security doors, revitalization chambers (figure storage compartments), a computer command center and a vehicle landing pad. It also had a triple section design that folded out for play or compacted for a carrying case.


The Mission Control Center Playset was introduced by Kenner in 1977 for their Six Million Dollar Man toy line. It featured a 26" wide by 17 1/2 high inflatable dome, along with a control center with commutations console, command chair, floor mat, and TV screen that had interchangeable images.

What was your favorite playset when you were a kid? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson
Jul 16, 2023

1976 Star Trek, Mission to Gamma VI playset.

Also, Marx, Guns of Navarone playset.

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