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  • Action Figure: Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear w/Blaster Rifle & Lightsaber
  • Prototype: Factory Sample (Quality Assurance Testing)*
  • Figure Condition: New
  • Card Condition: Light Shelf Wear
  • Bubble Condition: Clear


* Original preproduction piece from Kenner’s “Star Wars: Power of the Force” (POTF2) series. This carded figure is a quality assurance sample with the Kenner/Hasbro Standard card tag on the back of the package. These were an integral part of the QA process for Kenner (and later Hasbro) and demonstrate the development of the final product that would eventually ship at retail. This process allowed Kenner to assure that its vendors in Eastern Asia were producing toys that would meet their exact expectations.


POTF2 green card Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear) with a green Kenner Standard card tag. The card itself does have a date stamp, 9651 (51st week of 1996), making it a very early date stamp for this character. The Standard tag is dated “1/7/97” in the upper right-hand corner. The front of Kenner Standard tag has QA sign-off in the "Q.A." box (please see photo). The back of the tag does not have comments.


Luke Skywalker - Prototype 1996 Star Wars Power of the Force - Action Figure

SKU: 076281696195-P
Out of Stock
    • Name: Luke Skywalker
    • Brand: Star Wars
    • Title: Power of the Force (Green Card)
    • Prototype: Action Figure 
    • Collection: 2
    • Action Figure Size: 3.75'
    • Year: 1996
    • Manufacturer: Hasbro - Kenner
    • Recommended Minimum Age: 4 years old
    • Recommended Maximum Age: 114 years old
    • Model: 69605
    •             69619
    • UPC: 076281696195
    • IC: 6000
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